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Why is NYU supporting academic bigotry?

Last year, the American Studies Association (ASA) joined the hate-campaign against Israel by voting to boycott Israeli professors.

NYU should have immediately pulled their funding of the group, like other universities. But NYU has continued to fund its ASA chapter. 

By steering university funding to a group that fuels academic bigotry, NYU is betraying its students and its own commitment to academic openness. 

Don’t let a fringe group of haters and extremists demonize Israel and dirty the good name of NYU. Tell NYU to live up to its highest principles. Add your name and email to tell NYU: Honor truth. Stop funding hate.

NYU Hamas

The Woman
Behind The Hate:
NYU's Lisa Duggan

As President-elect of the ASA, Duggan was a leading proponent of the attempt to academically discriminate against Israeli professors.

Her bizarre, extremist views are not just limited to her anti-Israel hate.

Lisa Duggan has unusual views on adult/child sex — writing in February of 2014, “I do not think adult/teenager consensual sex should be illegal, and I don’t think all adult sexual conduct with younger children is singularly horrible.”

In March of 2014, Duggan organized an anti-Israel conference of hate and bile against the Jewish state. The secretive conference was filled with groups and organizations dedicated to the elimination of Israel as a Jewish state.

Lisa Duggan

Other NYU Professors Behind The Hate